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Saddleback Leather Briefcase – Cleaning Out The Dirt And Grime

Saddleback leather briefcases are very dependable due to its quality and resilience. However as the years go by, it’s not surprising for it to become all dirty and sticky. With everything going on in your day-to-day life using the briefcase, your bound to look at it one day and notice just how much dirt and grime it has on it. Naturally cleaning comes to mind, however you must remember that cleaning it should be done in a proper way to avoid damaging it.

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Leaving your saddleback leather briefcase dirty and un-cleaned can lead to damages on the leather surface. This is why you need to take care of the leather by cleaning it in a proper way. To help you restore your leather briefcase into its former glory, here are the proper steps in cleaning your briefcase.

Step 1: Applying the leather conditioner

It is important to note to use only leather conditioners and not water or other detergents to clean the leather on your briefcase to avoid causing damage to the leather. There are many leather conditioners that you can buy in stores so go for conditioners and not just water. To apply the leather conditioner, use a soft, clean cloth and dampen it with a small amount of conditioner. Use just the right amount of the conditioner to remove the dirt from the leather.

Step 2: Cleaning out sticky parts

Your leather briefcase may have parts that have become sticky due to some spills of coffee or soda over time. To clean them out, dampen the cloth with the leather conditioner and gently go over the parts of the briefcase that are sticky with grime and dirt. Make a gentler circular motion and don’t rub it too much in order for it not to be damaged. You may need to dab the piece of cloth into the leather conditioner a couple more times if ou need to apply it to the whole briefcase. Remember to apply small amounts and don’t over do it.

Step 3: Dry it out and check for some more dirty spots

Air-dry the briefcase. Do not wipe it out with a clean cloth. It needs to be air-dried so that the leather conditioner will do its work on the leather and restore it to its original quality or form. Touch the leather’s surface to see if its dry and see if you missed any spot. If you did miss a spot, simply go over it with the cloth and the leather conditioner to remove any dirt, grime, or sticky part on your saddleback leather briefcase.

Step 4: Continued care

Once your saddleback leather briefcase has been restored to its former glory, this does not mean that you won’t have to clean it again. You will need to keep check on the leather to see if it has accumulated dirt and clean it to avoid sustaining damage on it. Remember that leaving your saddleback leather briefcase dirty will cause the leather to deteriorate and will eventually damage it.

This guide may have been a big help in taking care of your saddleback leather briefcase, however, you shouldn’t stop here. There are plenty of other tips that you can search for online to help you with taking care of your leather briefcase. Search for more articles online for more information. If you are looking to buy one, you can additionally read reviews on the best saddleback leather briefcase out in the market today. Just remember to never neglect your leather briefcase to avoid damage.

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